Yixin Investment Real Estate Office Space Lighting Design

The case is an office of a real estate development and investment company with an area of ​​about 2,000 square meters. Because the company's business involves construction and real estate, the design of the office is based on a strong sense of architecture. Find the main line of design among people, environment, architecture, and space, and demonstrate the natural architectural beauty. The penthouse-style building, in the staircase surrounding the atrium, draws the distance between life and work through the interaction between people and space. Vitality, innovation, fashion and uniqueness are the concepts that the company has always adhered to. This is reflected in the design of the front desk and the public area. The ingenious combination of the foreground with the strong sense of the front and the atrium of the fold line visually forms a multi-dimensional geometric space composed of points, lines and faces. The overall space is full of geometric beauty. In addition, the sequence orientation of the front cabinet and the different shapes of the stairs shape the strength of the folding, showing a healthy and positive spatial language, and a unique, stylish and innovative spatial visual extension. Let people feel the positive corporate culture as soon as they walk into this lobby.

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