Wireless technology to help LED lighting bulbs have a network

Light speed is a dream that people can't reach, but light is a weapon that people can control. Professor Hass of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Engineering predicted that light bulbs may be used for wireless network transmission in the near future. In fact, this imaginative professor has already realized the data transmission through the ordinary light bulb, the latent speed may exceed 10 trillion per second.

Haas installed a small piece of microchip on a regular LED light bulb to let the light bulb have a signal emission function. A small "light bulb wireless network" formed. As soon as you turn on the lights in the room, the Internet is connected. In a speech, Haas demonstrated a desk lamp using LED lights that can transmit data to the receiver under the table. As long as the hand is put into the beam, the video signal will be transmitted to the screen behind it, and once the signal is blocked, it will stop playing. Haas calls this device “Light Fidelity” (Li-Fi for short), which can be used to transmit wireless data from TV band “white space” or unused satellite signals. It can be applied to hospitals, airports, and military forces. Even underwater. In theory, aircraft passengers can also use the light signals emitted in the cabin to surf the Internet.

Haas said that radio waves have many limitations. They are rare, expensive, and have only a certain band. These limitations make it impossible to keep up with the pace of high-speed wireless data transmission and affect transmission efficiency. While light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, the visible spectrum is 10,000 times that of radio waves, and there are 40 billion light bulbs used around the world, which has a higher efficiency. “Every bright place is a potential source of data transmission. In my opinion, the application of this technology is beyond our imagination. What we need to do is to install microchips for all potential lighting devices and to associate lighting with data transmission. together."

Using 40 billion light bulbs on the earth to replace the existing millions of wireless signal base stations, each LED light bulb can become a network signal transmitter, energy-saving, efficient, environmentally friendly and convenient. As long as there is light, there is an internet signal and the era of driving light makes wireless communication even more magical and wonderful.

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