Which is the strongest size smart TV? Millet cool open lead, only 999 yuan

Although the new TV sets are now larger than one, the market potential of small-sized TVs cannot be ignored. First of all, small-sized TVs are the best choice for small family homes, especially the drifters. Second, many families are not satisfied with having only one living room TV, and quiet and comfortable places such as a bedroom or study seem to be more suitable for long-term audio-visual enjoyment.

In fact, any product has its own unique features and has the most suitable consumer groups. The same is true for consumers. Only by selecting each other correctly can the best use of television be achieved while satisfying all the users' needs for television.

For small family homes with low consumption levels and wanderers who are mainly saving money, the 32-inch Kukai K32, which has a superior user experience and low price, may be a good choice. This is a TV product created by Coocaa and Tencent Video, so it is necessary to have a large number of Tencent videos to meet users' demand for video content.

Second, the K32 is also portable and lightweight, with a built-in new Cool 5.0 system, and a price-friendly feature. The body weighs only 4kg and is designed in the form of a hand-held package. It is small in size and light in weight. With such a portable design, it can be said to go.

In terms of selling price, only 999 yuan is equivalent to the price of a thousand yuan machine. However, the low price does not affect its quality. The new CoolOpen 5.0 system supports the TV send function. The mobile phone pushes video, pictures, and music with a key, and the mobile phone can remotely control the TV screen to bring a new operation experience. It is a true smart TV. .

For the choice of bedroom or study TV, millet's latest 43-inch millet TV 3S can refer to. The main design of the TV push, the body is as thin as 10.9mm, with a metal body design, with aluminum frame, claiming to be "the most beautiful millet TV."

In terms of configuration, Xiaomi TV 3S is equipped with Cortex-A9 1.45GHz quad-core processor, Mali-450 4+2 core graphics processor, supports H.265 10bit hard decoding, 1GB DDR3 dual channel memory, 8GB eMMC4.5 flash memory, and support Ratio and dts audio dual decoding. Price, 1799 yuan.

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