WACKER Launches New Silicone Elastomers for LED Manufacturing

At the 2016 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, WACKER launched a number of new LUMISIL® silicone elastomers for LED manufacturing. Among them, LUMISIL® 650 is a conventional refractive index (RI1.41) silicone material for LED packaging. It has excellent aging and high temperature resistance and is suitable for COB packaging applications. Another LUMISIL® 7601 is a highly transparent, low-volatility liquid silicone rubber that is ideal for the manufacture of automotive lens and other optical components.

LUMISIL® 650 is a low viscosity two component addition cure silicone elastomer with self-adhesive, transparent after curing and a Shore A hardness of 50. LUMISIL® 650 is highly resistant to high temperatures, light and thermal shock, as evidenced by related aging tests. After 500 hours of storage in a 245oC environment, the LUMISIL® 650 sample was neither yellow nor embrittled. Even after 1000 hours, the rubber change after curing was not significant. LUMISIL® 650 can withstand more than 1000 thermal shocks from 125oC to -45oC. Due to its excellent stability, this product is particularly suitable for LED COB packages and for electronic component packaging.

WACKER's new LUMISIL® 650 conventional refractive index encapsulant with excellent aging and high temperature resistance for COB packaging applications protects sensitive LED semiconductor chips from environmental influences. (Photo: Wacker Chemie AG)

LUMISIL® 7601 series is a paste, two-component liquid silicone elastomer with a short cure time. Its vulcanized product is highly optically transparent and can withstand temperatures up to 200oC for extended periods of time. LUMISIL® 7601 is also lightweight, radiation resistant, aging resistant and easy to process. It has obvious advantages in the automotive industry and helps to reduce the weight of the car. In addition, LUMISIL® 7601 is a degassing product that is manufactured without tempering in most cases. Even if tempering is required, the tempering process is short and there is little shrinkage during heating. This feature of LUMISIL® 7601 has greatly improved productivity.

WACKER LUMISIL® 7601 Series Liquid Silicone Rubber is highly transparent, high temperature resistant, lightweight and easy to process, making it ideal for the manufacture of automotive lens and other optical components. (Photo: Wacker Chemie AG)

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