UMC is expected to become the first group in Taiwan to form a complete LED production chain

Recently, Xinxing, a leading LED manufacturer, announced that it will invest in Xinguang Optoelectronics and spare parts production and sales of LED lighting factory through its investment in Xinyang, and increase the capital of the new light source lighting (Zhongshan) Company in the mainland to cross the LED lighting field. UMC will form a complete LED supply chain and is expected to become the first group in Taiwan to complete the complete LED production chain.

At present, UMC has carried out LED epitaxial process research and development in Zhuke 6吋 factory, concentrated investment in production base in Jining, Shandong, and directly introduced Taiwan's successful R&D technology into the production base in Jining, Shandong. Since 2009, sapphire crystal, LED epitaxy and epitaxial wafers, packaging plants and assembly plants have been completed and the production line has been expanded.

The initial market of UMC is mainly based on street lighting standards or large kanban lighting standards of local governments in mainland China. Its main partner is Jingdian. The two parties obtained sapphire substrate technology and production capacity in Taiwan's joint venture Zhaoyuan Technology. They established Yuanhong Optoelectronic Materials in Shandong Jining, and successfully completed the first sapphire crystal growth furnace in July. The first sapphire crystal rod weighing 89.5 kg. In Shandong Jining, a joint venture established LED epitaxial wafer and epitaxial wafer factory Guanhao Optoelectronics, mainly engaged in LED epitaxial grain production, and UMC also invested in LED packaging factory Liansheng Optoelectronics, assembly plant Baolin Technology. UMC plans to cooperate with Jingdian to penetrate the backlight market such as computers or mobile phones after all the production chains are in good production.

At present, the LED layout of UMC in the mainland has formed a complete production chain from the upstream substrate materials, LED particle production, to the back-end packaging and finished product assembly. The same group Xinxing Electronics transferred to the mainland new light source lighting, invested in LED lighting and spare parts production and sales, just to make up for the shortage of external sales channels of UMC terminal products.

The layout of UMC's LED production chain has been completed early, and the fastest Q1 in 2011 can achieve full production.

UMC said that in the future, the company will build a complete LED production line across the mainland with the whole plant output method, sharing the huge LED lighting cake in the mainland.

Hon Hai Group and AUO Group also actively put together LED epitaxial, chip and terminal lighting markets, and the complete layout followed the UMC Group.

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