TV PC PC version download [attached installation tutorial]

Sofa butler tips coup TV is a live TV application on Android platform (such as Android smart TV, tablet, mobile phone), has the most smooth HD CCTV, local TV, local station live channel, then TV home PC Edition? According to the author's understanding, there is currently no so-called TV PC version that can be downloaded, but we can simulate an Android environment on the computer to run TV software. The following author talks about the specific operation method.


First, download TV home TV software on your computer and save it to your desktop.

Then download an Android emulator (such as a small leather assistant) download address,

Installation tutorial:

The first step: open a small leather assistant Andrews simulator, click on the installation of local packages in the lower right corner, as shown below;

Local apk installation

Step 2: Select TV Home Version 2.0 (Latest Version) and click on the "Confirm" button. TV Home TV will automatically complete the installation.
my game

Note: If the security management software (such as 360 Guardian, Kingsoft Internet Security) pops up the blocking dialog box during the installation of the TV home TV version, select All Allowed;

After the installation is complete, you can find the TV icon in the "My Games" section and click to view it.

Because each user's computer configuration is not the same, using a small leather assistant to install TV PC PC version may not play smoothly

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