TCL can not download from the sofa butler installation application how to do?

Under normal circumstances, TCL TV can be installed through the "TCL TV installation of third-party applications common tutorial" http:// to install the sofa butler, and then from the sofa butler free to download their own applications to watch live video; However, the recent part of the TCL TV system to do After the upgrade, there was a situation where the application could be downloaded from the sofa butler but the application could not be installed. After the efforts of the sofa housekeeper siege the lion, it finally brought a "Sofa Manager - TCL Optimized Version" for TCL TV users. TCL Optimized Sofa Butler only recommends TCL TVs that can only be downloaded by the butler but cannot install the app.

First, how to install TCL optimized sofa butler?

Ready to work:
U disk or sd card; Download TCL optimized version of sofa butler (download address:

Note: If your TV has installed a sofa butler, please uninstall the previously installed sofa butler when installing the TCL optimized sofa butler, then follow these steps:

1. Create a "TVManager" folder in your USB flash drive;
2. Create a "backup" folder in the TVManager folder;
3. Copy the sofa housekeeper TCL optimized version to the backup folder;

4. Insert the U disk into the TV;
5. In order to enter the following sections: Application - TV Guard - Software Management - Software Recovery;
6 In the right side of the software recovery list select Install Sofa Butler;

Second, how to install the application in the TCL optimized version of the sofa housekeeper?

Ready to work:
Insert the USB flash disk into the TV (can be removed after installation is complete, and must be plugged in when downloading and installing the software; otherwise, a prompt will appear and the installation will not be possible.)

1. Start the sofa butler, select the application you want to download, click the download button, we take VST as an example
2. After the application is downloaded, click Install and it will automatically jump to the TV Guard's "Software Management" page.
3. Select "Software Recovery" on this page and install the newly downloaded application in the right list.

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