Sony X9000C half price big promotion 618 before the value TV recommended

Another year is 618. However, before the big promotion of the holiday season, Xiao Bian has already been consumed by the full-scale vouchers of each category in the East, and it is not known whether 618 sales promotions will be even more morbid.

Because of the characteristics of e-commerce festivals, it may be that you have recently increased consumerism. For those people who hold the idea of ​​buying sooner or later, it's better to take advantage of the discounts and cheaper consumer attitudes. This is a semi-annual pickpocket opportunity. Naturally can not let go. Of course, Xiaobian's channel is home appliances, so I do not share with you other digital products. According to my understanding of the price of TV products, today we have found a variety of 40-55-inch mainstream segment specials. TV, absolutely affordable.

Little Whale WTV43K1J Jingdong Mall 1449 yuan Click to open

Recommended reason: 43 inch 4K TV and LG screen

If you buy a bedroom TV 2 years ago, 32-inch and 40-inch may not even be 1080P. I did not expect that we can now purchase a 43-inch 4K TV at a similar price. 1449 yuan, that is, the location of a year for a thousand yuan mobile phone, but you really can get in exchange for a few years in the bedroom of the UHD 4K TV service for several years, and the display panel is also from South Korea's big manufacturers LGD Oh.

The Micro Whale WTV43K1J is an Ultra HDTV with a resolution of 3840×2160. The IPS panel provides it with a wide viewing angle. The TV SOC consists of a 64-bit capable quad-core Mstar 6A828 processor and a six-core Mali-450 with up to 1.5GB of memory and 8GB of storage. The aircraft provides two HDMI2.0 interfaces, the entire hardware architecture allows WTV43K1J to support 60-frame H.265 encoding 4K video hard solution, the architecture is already very good.

In terms of resources, the micro-whales jointly invested by Chinese culture, Tencent, and the Central People's Broadcasting Station naturally include multiple high-quality resources, and more than 10,000 movie films have absorbed the latest film sources from the film industry groups such as Fox, DreamWorks, and Warner. In addition, the micro-whale WTV43K1J continues to improve its movie library in accordance with the updated number of more than 1,000 titles per year. In addition, the TV series also included the content of the simultaneous viewing of David from across the country. Of course, TVB Hong Kong plays and many hit TV dramas were added.

At present, the micro whale WTV43K1J is making an appointment to purchase in Jingdong, and the manuscript will have an opportunity to make a booking on the same day. According to the activity description, it should be a rush to start buying on the early morning of the 10th. This price is absolutely within the 50-inch model, you want to buy Users of small-size TVs should pay close attention.

Letv S50 Air Leshi Mall 2287 yuan

Recommended reason: to buy 4-year membership free 50-inch 3D TV

Although the S series of full HD models, but 99 yuan hardware plus 980 yuan two years of LeTV as a member of the service fee of S50 Air in Leshi Mall Ecological 618 activity is only 2287 yuan, which is not all, the price for the purchase of 4 years Zero 8 month super video member presented the final price of S50 Air, that is to say, only 2,200 pieces of music you bought for nearly 5 years as a member of LeTV film, but also free one inch full HD TV, this time know how much Great value?

The specifications of the S50 Air may have been somewhat alienated. I'll lead you to recall. This is a LeTV Super TV with a 50-inch full HD panel. The fully-equipped version of the event supports polarized 3D imaging with a 176° viewing angle and 72% NTSC color gamut.

Because it is the S50 follow-up Air upgrade version, this TV is equipped with a very high-end Mstar 6A918 processor, up to 1.5GHz frequency quad-core processor makes it respond smoothly, in addition GPU is the mainstream Mali 450, running memory up to 2GB . Because of its cutting-edge hardware architecture, the S50 Air is also capable of supporting H.265-encoded video. This encoding allows network video streams to reach the same level of clarity with smaller file sizes.

The appearance process is the place where the S50 Air is extremely outstanding. Its thickness is only 8.9mm. The one-piece frame with a special black coating handles the hexagonal screw to enhance the beauty of the TV details. Of course, the S50 series can't lack the iconic cloud arc. The pedestal, it is a symbol of a generation of LeTV super TV.

Cool open K55 multi channel 1999 yuan >> Jingdong buy >> Gome Online

Recommended reason: 55-inch TV 1999 yuan no one

If you don't really need a film and television member, the same $2,000 price point can be upgraded to a 55-inch TV, which gives you a greater sense of presence. Since the beginning of June 7th, the Kukai K55 series has begun to rush for purchases at a price of RMB 1999 on multiple e-commerce channels. Most of them are limited to 618 units. As of press time, Jingdong Mall, Gome Online, and Coolopen's official website are all available in different channels. If necessary, they need to start quickly.

The K55 is a hot explosive model in the 55-inch Internet TV. It uses a third-generation Hyun-Hard screen with a resolution of 1920×1080. The TV hardware architecture consists of a quad-core ARM architecture processor and a mali450 quad-core GPU with a dual-core decoder chip. The 1GB of memory can handle everyday use.

Kukai K55's video resources are provided by GITV and iQiyi. It has collected more than 600,000 movie and TV dramas from different platforms, such as CCTV and Jiangsu Internet TV. It also has 40,000 children's movies and TV programs and massive variety of content. The lineup of film and television richness.

Sony 55X9000C Suning Tesco Mobile Terminal 9999 yuan >>Click to buy

Recommended reason: 15 years high-end models half price big promotion

To say that recommending TV, Sony is not a big deal, not to mention this 15 years high-end model 55X9000C has fallen below ten thousand yuan, compared to last year's listing price of 19,999 yuan can be described as folded, this 4.9mm thickness X9000C but Sony TV history is unique Slim model.

The X9000C sacrifices certain image quality for its ultra-slim body design. Even so, it is still a high-end TV equipped with Sony's 4K sharp image processing engine, Terricolor's color gamut technology, and MotionFlow dynamic processing technology. Far beyond other low-end models.

The Sony 55X9000C's color and clarity will not disappoint you, because this is a TV powered by Sony's latest X1 chip using 4K sharp image processing engine PRO and a wide color gamut Teli charm technology, the former for non-4K signals Scale processing to enhance clarity, the latter is to enhance the expression of color. Dynamically, MotionFlow XR200 is located in the low-end position of Sony's dynamic processing technology, but it can still effectively suppress the adverse effects such as tailing and jitter of video screens.

The X9000C uses low-frequency reflective speakers because of its thinness. In addition, 15 models of C-type suffix Sony entered the era of smart TV era. It adopted the Android 5.0 system and the number of installable APPs soared.

The four special TVs recommended this time have all been introduced. They meet the coverage of the most mainstream sizes from 43 to 55 inches. Of course, these models are absolutely not guaranteed to meet the needs of all people. They just search for TVs with great promotions and great value. I hope this recommendation can save you some of the expense of buying TV.

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