Skip OLED Samsung or QLED TV in the first two years

So QD TV based on quantum dot technology? This is a shorthand for the so-called "quantum dot light emitting diodes" and shares many similarities with OLED technology. The biggest advantage of OLED TVs is that their pixels are self-illuminating, which means they do not need a backlight.

There are some advantages to using OLED screens, the most important being that they consume less power because under this mechanism not all pixels need to be lit at the same time. In addition, because each individual pixel can be completely turned off, you can get darker, more "real" darkness.

Quantum dot technology, on the other hand, has a series of advantages, such as higher limit brightness, better color accuracy, better color saturation, lower power consumption, and so on. If you combine quantum dots and OLED technology, you will get a truly impressive TV.

In theory, QLED is currently the best solution because it combines the rich colors and contrast of OLED TVs with the brightness of LED LCD TVs. Ultra HD HDR content is coming. In order to realize their maximum potential, they must have sufficient brightness and excellent contrast performance. QLED TVs are sufficient for this task.

In the TV market, LG is already focused on OLED development. However, Samsung has publicly stated that OLED has no future. A Samsung executive once pointed out that although the company has been keeping an eye on OLED, it still has the problem of short life expectancy and high cost, so it is not adopted.

With the active promotion of international panel manufacturers, quantum dot display technology will continue to heat up in the next five years. According to industry internal data, the penetration rate of quantum dot QLED display technology in smart phone LCD panels will reach 3% in 2015, and will quickly increase to 26% by 2020. Tablet PC penetration will increase from 2% in 2015 to In 15% of 2020, LCD TV panels, the market penetration rate in 2015 is only about 1%, or to 9% by 2020.

Of course, before the actual product starts mass production, QLED's excellence can only be said to be theoretical. How does it perform? We have to wait.

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