Sil-RPTM Remote Phosphor Technology for E14 Candle Light Solutions

[Source: Gaogong LED's "LED Good Products" magazine May issue] With the development and maturity of LED lighting technology, its advantages have gradually become prominent, such as high light efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, so the use of various new LED lighting products to replace the traditional Lighting is also gradually advancing. However, an excellent LED lighting product requires not only a competitive light output, but also an approximate or equivalent light-emitting effect, the structure of the lamp, the external shape, etc., only in the true sense of the above factors. The success of replacing traditional candle light lighting products.

Combining Hangzhou Najing Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Najing Lighting”) silica gel-based remote phosphor technology Sil - RPTM (Silicone Remote Phosphor) for E14 LED candle light solution, compare this product with The advantages and disadvantages of traditional candle lamps are compared with the current mainstream E 1 4LED candle lamps in the LED market, providing a more effective technical solution and industrial design mode for the development and commercialization of LED candle lamps.

Comparison of traditional candle light and LED candle light

In traditional decorative lighting, candle light as a mainstream product, its structure and appearance are generally designed according to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, Figure 1 shows a traditional candle light (630-IEC-1220-2) the design of.

The candle light corresponding to Fig. 1 has a characteristic light distribution curve as shown in Fig. 2; meanwhile, a 15W conventional candle lamp has a luminous flux output range of 100-150 LM output. Figure 3 shows the LED candle light distribution curve simulation, that is, the light distribution curve required for the LED candle light to replace the traditional candle light.

Among the many LED candle lamps currently on the market, most of the light distribution is hemispherical and cannot achieve the light-emitting angle and light-emitting effect of the traditional candle light. Therefore, the market needs a larger light-emitting angle and the same as shown in FIG. LED candle light products with light distribution curves. As we all know, candle lights are usually assembled on a large decorative lamp, such as a crystal lamp, and then hung in a higher space, so an excellent LED candle light is more important while providing good light output. It can achieve the appearance and light-emitting effect similar to the traditional candle light, so that its light diverges in a more effective direction (shown in Figure 3), so that from the perspective of the observer, a more direct decorative experience can be obtained.

At the same time, in view of the small volume of the E14 candle lamp itself, this puts high requirements on the driving volume of the LED and the heat sink structure design, but only after taking into account the above factors can a truly excellent candle lamp product be developed.

Figure 1. IEC standard of the B35 E14 GLS candle lamp

Figure 2. Traditional B35 E14 candle light distribution curve

Figure 3. LED candle light distribution curve simulation

Unfinished: For more information, please refer to the May issue of Gaogong LED's "LED Good Products" magazine.

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