Siemens splits Osram's listing plan or ends at the end of October

Recently, the German Siemens Technology Group promoted the plan for the spin-off of its subsidiary OSRAM. The Siemens Group stated that OSRAM will be transformed into a limited liability company (GmbH). In addition, in the future, the Siemens Group will also establish Osram Lighting Co., Ltd. (AG), which may be listed after the OSRAM spin-off. The Siemens Group said that the OSA spin-off should end at the end of October.

It is understood that the management position of OSRAM will remain unchanged after the spin-off. The current director of OSRAM AG will be the director of the listed company Osram Lighting Co., Ltd., and will also be the head of Osram Co., Ltd.

The Siemens Group originally planned to promote the listing of OSRAM through a public offering (IPO), but in July the Siemens Group finally abandoned these plans. Instead, Siemens Group shareholders will receive Osram shares as physical dividends into their accounts, and OSRAM will also find ways to go public through spin-offs.

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