Qinshang Optoelectronics formulated 10 "Guangdong Standards" to seize the right to speak in the LED market

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision announced the results of the 2012 Guangdong LED Lighting Industry Local Standard Pre-approval Project, and identified 87 first-level local standard projects for LED lighting industry in Guangdong Province. Among them, Qinshang Optoelectronics led the drafting and participation in the repair, the development of LED street lights, road LED lighting design standards and other 10 projects.

Diligently participated in the formulation of "Guangdong Standards"

Guangdong Province is a major province for the manufacture of LED lighting products. In 2011, the output value of LEDs reached 150 billion yuan, accounting for half of the country. In order to standardize and lead the healthy development of Guangdong LED lighting industry, in early 2011, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau organized the development of the LED lighting industry standard system planning and road map in Guangdong Province, and applied the comprehensive standardization concept to strengthen the top design of industrial standards and put forward support. The 130 pre-established local standards required for the development of LED lighting industry in Guangdong Province; in January this year, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau and the Provincial Science and Technology Department issued the “Guangdong LED Lighting Industry Standard System Planning and Roadmap” and publicly collected LED lighting from the society. The unit responsible for the development of 130 local standards for pre-established projects in the industry.

The solicitation activities received positive responses from higher education institutions, scientific research institutions and LED-related enterprises in Guangdong Province, and submitted 464 LED lighting application projects. The Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, together with the Provincial Science and Technology Department, organized a team of experts to conduct a careful review and finalized 87 local standard projects for the first batch of LED lighting industry projects in Guangdong Province, including photobiosafety, light comfort, rapid product life testing and mainstream product performance. Requirements such as safety, quality and test method standards.

Among them, Qinshang Optoelectronics is the main drafting unit of LED street lamp and road LED lighting design standard project, and participates in the development of LED lighting fixture accelerated life test method, LED device accelerated life test method and evaluation technical specification, integrated (COB) LED packaging technology Requirements, integrated (COB) LED package evaluation technical specifications, road lighting LED (DOB) module performance requirements, road lighting LED (DOB) photoelectric module interchange standard, road lighting integrated (COB) LED module test technical specifications 8 items including interchange standards for integrated (COB) LED modules for road lighting.

Standard conversion competitiveness to seize market voice

LED lighting is a strategic emerging industry, technology is in a high-speed development stage, the existing LED technology and standards are lacking, resulting in serious restrictions on the marketing and application of LED lighting products. In recent years, China has attached great importance to LED standardization work from country to country, and the standards and revision work at all levels have progressed rapidly.

The lack of standards will cause the phenomenon of “bad money to drive out good money” in the LED lighting market, because low-end products can easily get projects through low prices, and companies that do high-end LED lighting products will “loss”, which is an industry development. It is very unfavorable. The person in charge of Qinshang Optoelectronics told the reporter, “We must set standards and be a high starting point. The overall level of the industry will be raised.”

It is understood that as early as 2008, Qinshang Optoelectronics took the lead in drafting the "Guangdong Province LED Street Light Local Standards", which is the first LED industry standard in Guangdong Province, and also the first local street standard for LED street lamps in China, which makes the standard of diligent enterprises rise to Guangdong Province industry standards. In addition, with the strong support of the national ministries, provincial and municipal governments and relevant departments, the company also participated in the formulation of national standards.

Technical standards are the benchmark for industry production. Qu Suhui, secretary general of the National Lighting Appliance Standardization Technical Committee, said that diligently transformed the mature experience and scientific research achievements in the semiconductor lighting industry into advanced standards, and actively participated in the formulation of local, industry and national standards to improve product quality and promote industry development. And optimization upgrades are very important.

Qinshang Optoelectronics participated in the revision and formulation of Guangdong standards, which not only promoted the continuous establishment and improvement of the local standards of LED lighting industry in Guangdong Province, but also further enhanced the influence of diligence on the market. The person in charge of Qinshang Optoelectronics said, "We will increase our efforts, conscientiously do a good job in the formulation or revision of relevant local standards, and complete the tasks on time and quality."

Next, Qinshang Optoelectronics will continue to focus on R&D and independent innovation of LED application technology, further increase investment, improve core competitiveness, actively participate in the repair, formulate LED lighting standards in Guangdong Province, national and even international, and strive for global market with technical standards. The greater discourse power, occupying the commanding heights of the LED industry, spares no effort to promote the healthy development of China's LED semiconductor lighting industry and energy conservation and emission reduction.

(This article is based on the submission of the film)

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