OLED continues to fall in price, LED backlight market is affected

How stubborn is your TV in the end, 20,000 OLEDs are not changed, 10,000? Less than 10,000? Really suspect that your TV is not updated fast enough, OLED manufacturers can not wait, the price drops and then falls . In the past, the price of 2K OLED TVs is now available for 4K, and some 55-inch 2K OLED TVs will be sold below 10,000 yuan from next month.

The support group is getting more and more gorgeous

The OLED wind has been blowing for several years. At present, it is trying hard to cultivate, and the support group is getting more and more gorgeous, trying to get closer and closer. The two big names of OLEDs are still LG Display and Samsung Display, which dominate the global display industry. LG Display has already increased the construction of OLED high-generation lines. It is expected that the large-size OLED panels will reach a supply of 1 million pieces in 2016. Domestic panel makers are also unwilling to lag behind, including BOE and Huaxing Optoelectronics have invested in the six generations.

In addition to the two giants Samsung and LG, the domestic camp of Konka, Changhong, Haier and other companies have followed up to launch new OLED organic TV products. Even Hisense, which has always been in conflict with OLEDs, has undergone a 180-degree change in its attitude, threatening to launch OLED organic TVs soon as long as consumers like it. Skyworth announced that its OLED TV sales target this year is 200,000 units.

Philips has also expressed interest in OLEDs recently. The relevant person in charge of the brand said that it is now a good time to enter the OLED TV market: "The price of OLED is decreasing. A year ago, the price of a high-quality OLED TV is now three times. OLED will occupy a large market share sooner or later, and HDR will become one of the driving forces."

Grounding gas below 10,000 yuan

The need for strong backup is to prove that it is still a market incubation period. Price has always been one of the important reasons why OLEDs have failed to get red. However, the domestic camp began to drop the threshold again this spring. First, Cool Open released the first 55-inch OLED product of the Internet TV brand this month, the T55 OLED, which is priced at 9999 yuan. Then Konka Internet sub-brand KKTV lowered the price of 55-inch OLED TV to 8888 yuan. Recently, Changhong followed the trend and announced that it will reduce the 55-inch OLED TV to 8,888 yuan next month. Konka also said that the 65-inch 4K curved OLED TV may drop to less than 20,000 yuan this year, and the 55-inch 2K OLED TV may fall to 10,000 yuan.

LED does not understand the black of OLED

Still hesitating that the OLED value is not worth selecting, you can first measure how much you are obsessed with black. The LEDs are illuminated with a backlight, and each pixel of the OLED can be lit by itself, so only the OLED can achieve true black. So the most practical thing is to use your naked eye to judge the difference between OLED and LED display. If you think that the difference is not big, you don't have to choose OLED, because OLED's wide color gamut, fuller color, power saving and so on, the difference is not big for ordinary people.

As for the yield rate, Liu Weizhi, president of Skyworth Color TV Business Division, said that OLED has been used for less than two years, and the cutting yield has reached 80%. In addition, it is reported that it will reach 85% by the end of this year.

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