"Ode to Joy" hits! Wei Wei live booking + look back, exciting content not to miss!

What TV drama is the hottest recently? Of course, "Ode to joy"! This is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Ah Nai. Directed by Confucius and Jian Chuanyu. Produced by Yuan Zidan. Produced by Hou Hongliang. Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Wang Ziwen, Yang Zi, Qiao Xin, Wang Kai, Ji Dong and Zu Feng. The television drama led by Yan value star was broadcasted by the audience has been enthusiastically sought after.

"Ode to Joy" tells the stories of five women who were carrying their past events and who have lived in the 22nd floor of the Ode to the Ode to the Joy, and the intersection between each other and all kinds of friendship and love. Five different styles of goddess, plus five full-fledged male gods, will definitely let the control people hooked.

At present, the drama has been broadcast on Dragon TV and Zhejiang Satellite TV at 19:35 every night since April 18th, 2016. I wonder if everyone is like Xiao Bian. Watch live broadcast on TV every night. Compared to watching on iQIYI, it is really refreshing in real time. But TV live has no return, occasionally missed the highlights will only be able to watch the replay on the Internet. Today, Xiao Bian gave everyone a recommended set of program reservations, live pause, TV look back and so on in one function of smart TV broadcast software! Wonderful content is no longer missed!

Wei Wei live broadcast is an all-aggregation live broadcast software. It is very convenient and quick to use. It runs on smart TV boxes or smart TVs. The app comes with 300+ live channels, 24 hours dedicated maintenance, with 7 days of domestic TV viewing, TV online collection and other intimate functions.

Wei Wei official website address: http://app.shafa.com/apk/xiaoweizhibo.html
Download Weiwei Live Online: Weibo Live.apk

Click on the link above to directly download the latest version of Xiaowei's live apk installation package, or search for "XWZB" in the sofa butler for quick installation.

After Wei Xiaosheng’s live installation is completed, he can open it for playback and use the arrow keys and menu keys to operate it. It is easy to use. In the main interface directly press the OK key to enter the channel list, through the left and right arrow keys to enter the program reservation, TV review function.

Then, as long as the show broadcast time, enter the corresponding channel (Dragon TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV) to watch live.

So how do you make a reservation? Take Zhejiang TV as an example, continue pressing the right arrow key to enter the 24-hour program list of the current channel, select a program that has not been broadcasted, press the OK button to make an appointment, and the pop-up window will be automatically reminded when the live broadcast starts. Provide a convenient one-touch jump function.

How to look back? Press the right arrow button on the corresponding program interface to enter the 7-day history of the program. You can select the program you want to watch by pressing the OK button. You can watch the playback. Is this convenient?

It is worth mentioning that, as a live broadcast software, Wei-Wei live also supports live program pause and rewind and other functions, even in the process of watching the live broadcast can also allow the program to pause, so you do not miss a little exciting content! The upcoming May Day holiday is coming. Xiao Wei’s live broadcast is an essential artifact for watching TV at home. Friends who haven’t tried it may wish to try it out.

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