Intelligent projector camp will add new: Skyworth D1 has opened Jingdong pre-sale

Smart projection in the projection circle, Internet brand circle, television circle can be considered a fragrant, more and more companies release related smart projection products, this does not, Skyworth recently joined the war situation, launched its first intelligent ultra-short Focus projection product D1. Skyworth has been doing a good job in the TV field. Its brand image and popularity are all deeply rooted. Now that we have a smart projection, it can be said that it is time and place. Skyworth Smart Projector D1 is also a product that meets the needs of small home users. The projection ratio is 0.33:1. It uses a traditional LED light source with a brightness of 350 lumens, a physical resolution of 1280*720, and a contrast ratio of 5000:1. The high color gamut dynamic picture supports active shutter 3D, which can fully meet the viewing requirements of home users. At the same time, Skyworth D1 is beautiful in appearance, compact body, round design highlights the full sense of science and technology, measurements size of 22.7 * 23.7 * 7.6cm, will not occupy too much space at home. Around the fuselage is ** aluminum alloy panel structure, the top is a wave-like metal mesh, acoustic unit cleverly hidden among them, which not only protects the appearance of the appearance, but also protect the sound from the machine cavity evenly out. Behind the fuselage is the interface design, there is a USB3.0, a USB2.0 and an HDMI interface, users can access more peripheral devices. At the bottom of the fuselage is a metal mesh heat vent, large area of ​​the heat vent can quickly emit heat to the body to reduce the burden on the body. On the system, the Skyworth D1 smart projector is powered by the Skyworth πOS system. This system is based on Android's deep optimization of the operating system, the operating speed is guaranteed, while the operation is more humane. Relying on the rich resources of Skyworth Box, Skyworth D1 Smart Projector aggregates many popular resources such as Tencent Video, Sohu Video, and Iqiyi Video. The viewing content is very rich, and there is no need to worry about the lack of content. It is worth saying that the Skyworth D1 smart projector supports the artificial intelligence voice system. Press and hold the above voice key on the remote control. Say your needs for it. The system will respond quickly to you and find relevant resources for you to complete. Instruction operation, this is very practical for the elderly and children in the family. Edit Comment: Skyworth D1 smart projector is a more practical home entertainment products, all aspects of performance are very good, its market reference price is 3999 yuan, is currently in Jingdong Mall for pre-sale, 100 yuan deposit can be reached 200 Yuan, to get the price of 3899 yuan, now buy to send 499 yuan projector bracket (email to receive), sun single and then send love Idol Arts card, interested users sustainable attention. Smart TV/box information can focus on smart TV information network sofa butler (http://), China's influential TV box and smart TV website, providing information, communication, TV boxes, smart TVs, smart TV software, etc. Answering questions.