Guo Huaguo: The market is chaotic, the LED channel brand is still absent.

On the morning of October 19th, Zhongshan Station, the “2012 Traditional Lighting Transformation LED Lighting Strategy Roving Seminar” jointly sponsored by Gaogong LED, Gaogong LED Mall and “High-tech LED Lighting Market” magazine, ended successfully. The conference site was packed with more than 200 representatives from well-known traditional lighting companies, LED lighting companies and representatives of outstanding lighting distributors to discuss the traditional lighting industry transformation strategy.

Guo Huaguo, managing director of Minguang Lighting, said that the large enterprises that have accumulated in the traditional lighting field for many years are not bad, but often the product positioning is not clear, and the pursuit is large and complete, whether it is outdoor lighting or indoor lighting, whether it is high power or Small power, as long as it is LED; and SMEs are more "starving", all who can make money. This will easily lead to homogeneity of the channels and indigestion.

At the same time, traditional lighting companies hope to use their channel advantages accumulated over the years to quickly cut into LED terminals. It is a pity that the original multi-brand dealers value the profits, and the LED channel brand is still absent. As a result, many merchants make the first bucket of gold regardless of the quality of the products.

Guo Huaguo pointed out that both the traditional lighting transformation and the future of LED-focused enterprises should recognize:

1. Consumers' awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection is enhanced, and LED products are gradually accepted;
2. LED production technology and process progress, and prices have dropped.
3. The price drop will inevitably replace traditional lighting products, and the market will become broader.
4. LED smart products are gradually increasing.

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