Google glasses with 11LED bulbs to protect privacy from surprise

The advent of Google Glass has triggered a series of disputes about personal privacy. The reason is that Google glasses equipped with a camera can make it easy for users to record the scene in front of them. However, without the installation of a video warning light, the camera will not emit a shutter sound, and many people worry that they will become the object of sneak shot.
In order to meet the new needs of modern people to protect personal privacy, the Japan Institute of Information Science has developed anti-theft technology, which can prevent the camera from recognizing the wearer's face by wearing glasses that release special light.
Glasses with 11LED bulbs
After the advent of Google glasses, the matching facial recognition software is ready to come out. The eleven LED bulbs on the pair of glasses form a facial recognition corner on the wearer's face. Researchers are developing reflective materials that do not consume electricity and that do the same.

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