Explore the application of laser technology in the LED lighting industry

In recent years, the Chinese lighting industry has been committed to the reform from “manufacturing” to “intellectual creation” to “creation”, constantly utilizing technological innovation to break through the bottleneck of industry development, and has achieved great results. According to Zhuo Jinsong, the director and general manager of Guangdong Dazu Yueming Laser Group Co., Ltd., the leading manufacturer of laser equipment, the laser application process plays an important role in the intelligent manufacturing of lighting in the lighting industry. Since 2010, Dazu Yueming Laser has started to focus on the " LED " related laser application process. It has established laser application process research and development and LED industry product research and development center for LED industry, and LED light guide plate, energy saving lamp and bulb. Significant breakthroughs have been made in the lighting industry, such as lamp marking, lamp marking, power box marking, and sheet metal cutting.

With the advantages of high laser energy density and non-contact processing methods, the application in the lighting industry is becoming more and more popular. Many people in the industry are no longer familiar with laser cutting and marking processes. So, today, what other laser technologies will gradually replace traditional processes and are widely used in the field of lighting?

1. Automated laser marking system

The automated laser marking system uses the current international advanced laser marking technology to automatically complete the flow operations such as grabbing, handling, placing, laser marking, etc. by intelligent robots, thereby realizing the automation of the entire industry chain, reducing labor costs and reducing manufacturing costs. Han's Yueming Laser Group has successfully combined laser marking technology with automation to provide a comprehensive, efficient and intelligent laser processing flexible production unit solution for large-scale lighting production enterprises at home and abroad.

Laser marking equipment is used to mark various parts such as energy-saving lamp bases, bulb lamp domes, T4/T5/T8 and other traditional lighting fixtures, LED drive power housings, downlight covers, etc., without consumables and high efficiency. Environmentally friendly, and the mark is not damaged or blurred by temperature, humidity, friction, and has clear, permanent, and corrosion-resistant characteristics. Just because laser jetting has these advantages, combined with the advanced logistics information traceability management concept, it can achieve strict information traceability management, so that the source can be checked, the direction can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated. In addition, laser coding technology also eliminates the circulation of counterfeit products, allowing consumers to immediately identify the ins and outs of purchased goods, so that fake products are exposed.






2, the light guide plate laser dot

As is well known, the main body of the LED panel lamp is composed of a light guide plate, a diffusion plate, a reflection film, a light bar light source, etc., and the light guide plate is the most complicated and important part of the whole process. However, under the background of global energy conservation and environmental protection and energy efficiency improvement, traditional silk screen light guide plates are obviously unable to meet the development needs of the lighting market due to their disadvantages such as large environmental pollution, easy yellowing and short life. The light guide plate just makes up for the above-mentioned shortcomings of the conventional silk screen light guide plate.

The principle of laser light guide plate is to use the laser to mark the light guide point on the bottom surface of the cut acrylic sheet, and use the acrylic sheet to absorb the light emitted from the surrounding lamp beads to stay on the acrylic surface. When the light hits each light guide point, the reflected light It will diffuse at various angles, and then the reflection condition will be emitted from the front side of the light guide plate. The light guide plate can be uniformly illuminated by various light-tight and different light guide points. In the whole process of manufacturing the light guide plate, in addition to the high stability requirements of the laser spotting equipment, the arrangement of the light guide points is also an important link affecting the brightness and uniformity of the flat lamp. Han's Yueming Laser MC275-DLG-D The light guide plate layout software independently developed by the laser spotting machine of the light guide plate is simple to operate, and supports the single-sided light entering, double-sided light entering, and four-sided light entering the dot design function of different sizes, even a person who has never touched the dot design can Get started soon. It can be said that the popularization of the light guide plate laser dot punching machine will bring a bright dawn to many LED panel light manufacturing enterprises.

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