Electronic timing, hypnosis, massager circuit diagram

Electronic timing, hypnosis, massager circuit diagram

IP66 / IP67 waterproof d-sub connectors-Designed for IP Performance

ANTENK has developed IP66 / IP67  waterproof d-sub connectors that utilize a proprietary sealing technology, which maintains the same physical size and footprint as standard d-sub products.

Antenk's line of  Waterproof d-sub connectors utilize an innovative sealing technology eliminating the need to redesign enclosures and PC boards when implementing IP67 design upgrades.These connectors are designed for applications that require protection from heavy spray or are exposed to short-term submersion. Connectors are available in vertical and right angle board mount types as well as solder cup for panel mount cable applications. Standard D-Subs are available in 9 pin , 15 pin , and 25 pin positions, and high density D-Subs are available in 15 pin, 26 pin, and 44 pin positions

Applications of Antenk waterproof d-sub connectors:
Hand held computers, scanners, and printers that are used outdoors
Remote sensors, gauges, and data loggers that are used outdoors
Industrial and Medical equipment that is routinely subject to wash down
Transmitters and emergency beacons that are subject to temporary submersion
Gas, Electric, and Water metering systems that have embedded Smart Grid electronics
Portable electric generation equipment (Gen Sets)
Consumer and Commercial boating electronics (Radios, Scanners, Radar, DC Power Ports)

Signal / Low Power in 6 standard size
(Standard: 9 pin, 15 pin, 25 pin; High Density: 15 pin, 26 pin,44 pin)
Combo-D / High Power in a variety of configurations:
(3W3, 5W5, 7W2, 9W4, 11W1, 13W3, 13W6, 17W2, 21W1, 21WA4)
Solder Cup, Vertical Mount & Right Angle Board Mount Options
High Reliability Screw machined contacts
3 amp / 5 amp / 20 amp / 40 amp Power Options
-65°C to +105°C Operating Temperature Range

Right Angle D-sub Connector IP66 IP67 Rated available in 

3 industry sizes/positions:Standard Density (9 pin, 15 pin, 25 pin).
Male & Female Versions

Right Angle D-SUB Connector IP66 IP67 Materials
Shell: Steel with Nickel Plating.
Insulator: Glass-filled thermoplastic. U.L. rated 94V-O 
(260° process temp for board applications)
Machined Contacts:
Male Pins - Brass
Plating: Gold Flash on entire contact.
IP67 Right Angle D-Sub Seal: Proprietary Information

Right Angle D-sub Connector IP66 IP67 Rated

Right Angle D-Sub IP67 Rated,Right Angle D-Sub Waterproof,Standard Density Waterproof Right Angle D-Sub Connector, High Density Waterproof Right Angle D-Sub Connector

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