CrystalTech will hold ISS automatic crystal growth furnace promotion conference in Shanghai

November 5, 2010, Ritz-Carlton, Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai. CrystalTech (Hong Kong Core Technology Co., Ltd.) will host the ISS full range of crystal growth furnace product launches.

At the meeting, CrystalTech will invite relevant industry experts to give a speech, analyze the development prospects of the LED industry and the demand of the sapphire market, and analyze the investment return of the sapphire project for the first time. After that, CrystalTech will officially launch the ISS fully automatic crystal growth furnace, introducing its technical features and demonstrating its performance on site. For companies that are or are planning to enter the field of LED crystal growth, this is a great opportunity to learn about crystal growth.

About CrystalTech and its crystal growth technology

In July of this year, CrystalTech was the first to introduce a fully automatic sapphire growth device containing a full set of growth technology packages to China. The ISS series uses a fast-changing bubble method to achieve fully automated crystal growth. For the Russian bubble method, the use of the improved bubble method can be made into high quality, and the scrap rate is reduced, making it easier to achieve large diameter and mass production. Both the growth rate and the output of the crystal have been greatly improved.

ISS's full range of sapphire growth furnaces use five-fifths of high-precision power supplies, advanced thermal systems, fully automatic closed-loop control systems and many other advanced designs, and integrates complete and reliable process packages. As a result, the quality of the produced sapphire is stable, the yield is high, the requirements for operational skills are reduced, and operating costs are saved.

CrystalTech can provide customers with the technical services of the technologists, and realize the turnkey service of sapphire crystal growth for 100-level dislocation LED epitaxy. At present, we have established equipment manufacturing plants and technology R&D centers in China, and we are committed to providing Chinese customers with the world's leading sapphire crystal growth technology.

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