Confucian Electronics: The popularity of LED ceramic substrates will take time

[ High-tech LED reporter / Long Zonghui ] "From the current LED development situation, the large-scale popularization of ceramic substrates may take some time." Recently, Shenzhen Ruwei Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ru-Electronics") General Manager Jian Yucang told the Gaogong LED reporter that the technology and market of the ceramic substrate itself are not mature enough. This is related to the material characteristics of the ceramic substrate itself and its current demand, and the company is not willing to invest in research and development.

It is understood that from the current market price point of view, the price of ceramic substrates is even slightly higher than that of copper substrates, so it is only suitable for a small amount of COB packaging. Nowadays, ultra-high thermal conductivity aluminum substrates have appeared on the market, which can fully meet the LED lamps and other common COB applications above 8W, which also restricts the market penetration of ceramic substrates to a certain extent.

“Since the beginning of this year, the order quantity of LED lighting has increased significantly. Confucian Electronics currently maintains 260 square meters of aluminum substrates per day. The growth rate of orders exceeds the company’s capacity growth forecast at the beginning of the year and the existing equipment increases, so it is urgent to expand production capacity.” . Jian Yucang said that the market for substrates in the future must be in lighting applications. The market for televisions only stays at the replacement level. Many low-end backlights do not even use aluminum substrates but PCB boards. However, the popularity of lighting is still in urgent need of further cost reduction, so the time to promote ceramic substrates is not mature, but it is a trend in the specific market in the future.

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