[Comment] LED innovation and change: After three years, e-commerce or into the mainstream channel of LED lighting?

Recently, Meng Shunqing, chief operating officer of China Light, said that the "LED channel innovation and change" microblog has caused a lot of hot comments on the comments. Various netizens and various experts have launched "the dispute between LED e-commerce and traditional channels". A heated discussion.

As an emerging lighting channel, e-commerce should be the current mainstream battlefield:

proposition view:

E-commerce lighting channels should be the main battlefield: wide consumer, fast growth, and more selective

Nowadays, after 80, 90, they gradually become consumers, their ideas are updated, and they accept new things more quickly. Online shopping has almost become the first choice among young people. Moreover, a few high-quality LED lights that can't be bought in the formal circulation channels in the market can be purchased almost all on the Internet, which is convenient and fast. Of course, there are factors that are not popularized in the LED lighting market. According to Meng Shunqing's data, the number of Internet users in China as of July 2012 was 538 million, and the e-commerce transaction data reached 3.3 trillion in the first half of the year. It is estimated that Taobao's sales this year will reach 1 trillion, equivalent to the total GDP of Shaanxi Province, and the lighting fixtures will account for about 3 billion. The sales of a Hanyuan merchant in Taobao has reached 100 million, which has tripled in one year, and is not counted as other platforms such as Jingdong. What is even more shocking is that the number of monthly stores on the electronic online has not exceeded three digits, which is a “new continent to be developed”.

E-commerce lighting channels should be the main battlefield two: e-commerce low-cost, wide coverage

Compared with the high investment in traditional channels such as engineering and agency distribution, the advantages of low cost and wide coverage of online sales such as B2B or B2C become obvious. E-commerce audiences are very wide, not subject to regional restrictions, but can also shorten intermediate circulation.

E-commerce lighting channels should be the main battlefield three: at a turning point
@利兰光: Internet marketing is fierce, and has already competed for a large number of traditional channels of consumer electronics, home appliances, clothing, and small commodities. On the one hand, e-commerce channels provide consumers with low prices and conveniences. On the one hand, they reduce marketing costs for merchants and expand sales scope. LED lighting is at a turning point in networking and traditional convergence.

Counterparty view:

Or should it be based on traditional channels: user experience

@大照明Chen Xiaogang: The physical store not only can bring consumers a sense of real experience, feel its material, light color, workmanship, and the most critical distribution and after-sales service. Online sales are generally shipped from the production site. There is a waiting period during this period, and the physical store is shipped in the same city. It can be bought and sold, and the other is that many stores are packaged.

@南师如: Lighting is not a clothing, a sundries, but a technology. How to buy a lamp on the Internet, what height to install, how to light it, how much illumination should be used in the area? Do these Ma Yun know?

Or should it be based on traditional channels: replacement objects, brand building
@吴正喆: The replacement customer of led era is commercial users and public facilities users, these customers will not operate projects in c2c or b2c or b2b. Traditional channels still play a major industry channel role. Household purchases are on the rise, but not mainstream. Taking e-commerce as its own channel main form can be used as a choice for differentiation. If it is true, it will leave the main battlefield.

@大照明郭义纶: Those companies that have a certain foundation and have certain ambitions cannot give up the opportunity to obtain industry brands through traditional channels, and focus on the network that only sells products and does not sell brands.

Or should it be based on traditional channels: the object is retail, and the end users are non-mainstream consumers.
Although the online platform has become a popular shopping method, it is necessary to consider that the main target of online shopping is retail, and retail objects account for less than 35% of the Chinese market, so at this stage, the e-commerce channel is not optimistic. In addition, at present, the end users of LED lighting have more engineering and decoration companies, and a small number are ordinary consumers, while engineering companies and the like directly supply manufacturers, so the engineering and circulation (distribution) channels are king.


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