Changhong smart TV how to watch TV live online?

Many families use smart TVs and also teach cable charges. There are even families that use TV boxes. I really don't know what you think. In fact, after Changhong Smart TV is connected to a cable, simply downloading a third-party software can make it online. Watch TV live, but also do not need to pay the cable fee, do not also need to use the set-top box or TV box, the following Xiaobian to teach students how to use the Changhong smart TV online watch TV live method.

First of all, you need to download a third-party live broadcast software on your computer. Here, you use the Thaistar video. Therefore, I downloaded a Thaik video apk on the computer, and then copied the APK to a USB flash drive.

Turn on the Changhong Smart TV, use the USB flash drive to insert the TV USB port, and then find "Local Media - All" in the home page.

Find the Tektronix video software apk just downloaded from the USB flash drive and click to install it.

After the installation is successful, the USB flash drive will be pulled out. This will allow us to see the Tektronix video we just installed on the TV.

Changhong Smart TV is not only saving some television fees but also eliminating unnecessary troubles when it comes to watching live television on Thai-Television video.

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