Challenge Qualcomm, ZTE 4G baseband chip commercial

Recently, ZTE announced in its external research activities that in the chip, the company is now able to provide 28nm 4G baseband chips. The company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of 28nm 4G baseband chips. ZTE said that the company's 4G baseband chips are currently commercially available in 4G terminals.

Relevant persons of the company told reporters that the research and development based on the 28nm high-end chip category, the chip is completely independent research and development. This means that in the future, such chips will be used in the high-end mobile phones purchased by China Mobile, breaking the monopoly position of foreign manufacturers.

As early as the beginning of March this year, ZTE announced that its self-developed ZX297510 LTE multi-mode chip platform was successfully tested by China Mobile Terminal's Quality Assurance Department and officially obtained China Mobile's LTE multi-mode chip platform certification. This is also the first 28nm LTE in China. The multimode chip platform passed the certification.

On June 18, Lv Qianhao, head of ZTE's terminal market strategy, said on Weibo that ZTE will launch a 4G baseband chip codenamed "Xunlong 7510". The chip is China's first 28nm 4G baseband processing chip, one of the five 4G chips commercialized by Q1 in the world, leading the 4G download rate of 150Mbps.

The reporter learned that the ZX297510 is the third-generation terminal baseband chip independently developed by ZTE's ZTE Microelectronics. It is the first 28nm-based TD-LTE/LTE FDD/TDS/GSM commercial chip in China. Its chip platform supports R9 LTE ​​Cat 4. Four-mode eighteen frequency. The ZX297510 product range covers LTE MiFi, data cards, CPE, smart phones, call tablets and various module products, and supports SoftAP functions, greatly reducing the cost of the customer's overall solution. ZTE pointed out that the performance indicators of the chip were excellent and finally passed the China Mobile field test.

According to industry insiders, this indicates that the domestic self-developed LTE multi-mode terminal chip application has reached the industry-leading level, breaking the long-term monopoly position of foreign chip manufacturers, enhancing the core competitiveness of domestic chips, and further promoting the development and popularization of domestic LTE terminals. . More importantly, in the context of the continuous fermentation of Qualcomm's anti-monopoly case, domestic manufacturers have taken the opportunity to enter the high-end chips.

It is worth mentioning that, in February of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission said that it had initiated an anti-monopoly investigation of Qualcomm in the United States. Some senior telecommunications experts said that the Qualcomm's transition to collect patent fees through harsh cooperation conditions is an important reason for the NDRC's anti-monopoly investigation. However, at present, China's mobile communication industry is steadily entering the 4G era. If Qualcomm's pricing model is allowed to continue, it will undoubtedly have a bad impact on China's 4G industry.

Based on this, some brokers pointed out that the anti-monopoly investigation of Qualcomm not only has commercial considerations, but also supports the domestic chip manufacturers and the strategic layout of improving the survival mode of smart phones. The impact is far-reaching. Today, under the continuous fermentation of monopoly cases, domestic companies are arranging high-end chips. In addition to the case of ZTE, Qualcomm and SMIC have already started 28nm chip cooperation and have begun mass shipments.

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