Buy this non-screen TV, do not hurt watching TV: approaching 1 meter within the screen alarm

In this era of intelligence, parents have been unable to stop children from playing with electronic products such as mobile phones and tablets. Although they can help children learn and grow, they are more negative. For example, long-term viewing of the screen can easily result in decreased vision due to these products. Without blocking or restricting content from the ground, it is easy for children to indulge in games. So, what kind of children's exclusive electronic products can allow children to voluntarily let go of their tablet or mobile phone? The more avant-garde, cool children's smart projection may be the child's favorite dish. Recently, Miji launched a child-free screen TV called imea. It not only provides brilliant screen shots, satisfies children's curiosity, but also solves various pain points for children's use of electronic products. In the end how? Will children love it? The following author will talk about experience with everyone! As the author is a preschool education edition, in addition to the imae children without a screen TV, but also equipped with an AR suite (with camera + jigsaw puzzle +imea math card), huge packaging always has an impulse to open it. First of all, let's take a look at the imae children's non-screen television. Uncovering the classic pull-out box, the imea's packaging spreads like a flower on all sides. It is filled with playful patterns, and then it looks like a host like a robot. All of a sudden, we took us into the atmosphere of innocence. By convention, we first look at what is hidden in the box. The accessories for imae children without a screen TV are fairly simple. There are a host, a power adapter, an instruction manual, and a remote control. In addition, a pair of batteries are attached to the child to facilitate receipt. Use directly. The imea children's non-screen TV is different from the conventional projection of angular, spherical design, more prominent affinity. In terms of volume, the size of the 131 * 135 * 133 mm measurements and the body weight of only 0.82 kg are still very small, providing the child with the best conditions for picking up and carrying. On the other side of the ball, it is a collection of the core design of the imae children without screen TV, the middle of the big eyes is a cast lens, the brightness of the lens is 60ANSI lumens, the physical resolution is 864X480, light from the data point of view The author's screen-casting effect was very worrying, but after actual experience, I immediately eliminated these scruples, and the quality performance was no less than the projection of a price of around 3,000 on the market, and it could be clearly watched during the day. Imea children without screen TV screen effect real shot In order to fully protect children's eye health, imae children's non-screen TVs adopt diffuse reflection imaging design. This imaging principle is different from the LED backlight of traditional TVs and computers. The light should be softer and will not stimulate children's. Eyes, this can fundamentally reduce the chance of myopia. In addition, imea conducted a professional blue light adjustment for the eye development of children aged 3-7 years, scientifically avoiding the damage of the retina caused by shortwave blue light penetrating the lens. Of course, imea's eye-protection path is much more than that. There is an infrared sensor under the lens of the machine. When the person walks within one meter of the front of the machine, he immediately enters the information screen for 3 seconds and issues a beep. Audible alarm. After all, children like to hop around and accidentally go to the front of the machine and be exposed to high-intensity light. It is really hurt to the eyes. With infrared screen protection, parents do not have to worry about children using it. This function is good, but sometimes it feels too sensitive and it triggers the information screen to give the experience a lot of discount. Infrared screen protection demonstration There is also a USB port and a power port hidden under the sensor ball. Although there are not many interfaces, there is no problem for a screenless TV targeted at children. Two 3W speakers were designed on both sides of the machine. It looks like two big ears. It is symmetrical and harmonious. As far as the sound quality is concerned, it can only be said to be quite satisfactory, and watching a video is quite a story. As for materials, imae children's non-screen TVs use PC+ABS material, no spray and toxic substances on the surface, and the safety level has reached the edible level. They have passed the EN71 safety standard certification for toy products in the European Union market. Rest assured children randomly go to "drunken" ima children without screen TV. Imea child no screen TV switch is very interesting, it does not have a physical button, just put the palm on the top of the machine for a few seconds, the machine will automatically open, at the same time the machine starts, the back of the LED dot matrix screen will also Along with the light, it will be based on the user's operation from time to time to change the pattern, such as smiles, funny face, charging logo, etc., is very cute, especially from the back, like an intelligent robot. The remote control for imea children's non-screen TVs is very similar to the traditional remote control of Miji. The minimalist control buttons and the manual focus adjustment keys at the bottom are all so familiar that even children who use them are very easy to use. The bottom of the machine has a standard 1/4 screw connector, which can be applied to all kinds of tripods, brackets, etc. on the market, and has wonderful effects for complex and harsh use scenarios. As we all know, no screen TV has no size and distance to the traditional TV. Not only can the screen become as large as possible, but also its freedom is very high. Imea children's non-screen TV with 1:2:1 projection ratio design, only a distance of 0.8 meters can project a 32-inch screen, up to 80-inch screen can be cast, for the different use of the scene to give children the best Watching experience. On the system side, the imae children's screenless TV is based on the Android operating system's proprietary UI for children. The interface is full of childlike fun. The child likes it on the first time, and the function options are not as complex as the conventional UI. The child is completely Can operate alone. Why do parents not like to always watch mobile phones for children? I think a lot of it is because the contents of the mobile phone are completely open. When a child is careless, he may spot some bloody and violent images. It is also common to be scared to cry. The main audience of imea children's non-screen TVs is young children aged 3-7 years old, so it directly shields adult content and only has exclusive copyrighted content for school-age children. For example, up to 100,000 hours of children's videos and 1 million sets of children's audio content provided through the built-in platforms such as Mango TV, 蜻蜓FM, and 咔哒Story can fully satisfy children's entertainment and learning needs. Of course, in addition to the regular viewing of animated stories, through the AR version of the Early Education Edition, you can also allow children to interact with the machine in the way of playing games to achieve the purpose of learning while playing. The game method is very simple, just plug the USB port on the AR camera into the host computer, and then pass the corresponding game in the Magic Academy to answer the ticket. This will help your child's hands-on ability and ability to adapt. The AR kit comes with a set of digital cards containing numbers from 1 to 9 and some common fruit and biscuit cards. The children can use the digital game and find out the corresponding cards according to the prompts to answer questions. Because it is for children aged 3-7 years, the game's difficulty coefficient is also different, from the simplest to know the numbers, identify patterns, to the late addition, subtraction, multiplication and removal, as long as you can pass smoothly you can go to a difficulty level interface . Tangrams should be played in everybody's childhood. Only seven small squares can spell out all kinds of strange and strange patterns. This is also the most active brain toy. Children can correctly spell puzzles based on the questions in the jigsaw puzzle game. Through the use of patterns, such as birds, ducks, turtles, boats, etc., the children's hands-on ability is greatly improved. In addition, parents can use the “imea assistant” on the mobile phone to bind with the machine. This not only can remotely control the scene shutdown, but also can communicate with the children through cloud voice push. Even if they work outside, they can accompany the children. In order to enable children to interact and play together, imae children's non-screen TV also has a built-in battery of up to 10400mAh. The normal use can achieve 4 hours of battery life, basically meeting the needs of small partners for a small gathering. After a period of experience, I believe that imae children's non-screen TVs have a unique spherical appearance, edible grade materials, and exclusive children's content, all of which have truly brought children fun. At the same time, diffuse imaging and infrared screen protection are escorting children's eye health. In addition, AR Early Learning Kits can also better exercise children's ability to see, hear and touch, allowing children to easily grow and learn in fun. As for whether or not Mizimi's move will be successful, the author would not dare to make any comments. However, one thing is for sure: the birth of IMEA's childless screen TV will definitely bring positive energy development to the industry. Smart TV/box information can focus on smart TV information network sofa butler (http://), China's influential TV box and smart TV website, providing information, communication, etc. on TV boxes, smart TVs, smart TV software, etc. Answering questions.